Vashti is an independent online magazine offering Jewish perspectives on debates confronting the contemporary British Left. We prioritise in-depth, critical insight on a wide range of topics relevant to politics, community and historical inheritances, moving beyond the homogenising visions of Jewish life reinforced by Zionism and the British Jewish mainstream. 

Founded in 2019, Vashti is now organised as a workers' co-operative and our members maintain a variety of relationships with Jewish life in Britain. While representing a new generation of Jewish identity and expression steeped in reckonings with empire, capitalism, climate change, austerity, xenophobia and ethno-nationalism, we approach such issues through a multigenerational lens that draws from, and engages with, the trailblazers who went before us.

Vashti publishes a weekly newsletter, The Pickle, which is written by our editorial collective and looks at recent domestic and international news stories from a Jewish leftist perspective. We also publish a broader selection of original reporting, analysis, and opinion from a range of external contributors, Jewish and non-Jewish, on our website.

Through retrieving buried stories from the Jewish past, documenting critical developments shaping the Jewish present, and expanding the political horizons of Jewish life, Vashti sees itself as a voice for a rejuvenated British Jewish Left committed to a just future, and a means to widen the debate over what it means to live an ethical, politically informed, and socially reparative life.

You can contact Vashti on editors@vashtimedia.com.