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The Pink Peacock’s premature demise

Members of the collective tell Molly Lipson why the radical Govanhill cafe has been forced to close its doors for good.

Antisemitism & Antiracism The Pickle

What’s behind the campaign to cancel Roger Waters?

Clive Gabay interrogates the calls to ban the rock star’s concerts.

Middle East Palestine-Israel The Pickle

The Nakba never ended

And Britain remains complicit.

Europe The Far Right The Pickle

Italy’s new Jew-ish bogeyman

Elly Schlein is taking on Meloni’s “post-fascists”.

Antisemitism & Antiracism The Pickle UK

Braverman v the Board

What happens when Jews won’t be good?

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Beyond Black and Jewish nationhood

Paul Gilroy’s radical Jewish influences.

The Jewish Left The Pickle UK

Organised aliens

A history of radical Jewish migrants.

Report The Jewish Left

Pink Peacock faces criminal charges over “F*** the police” tote bag

Britain’s police power trip continues apace as the co-owner of the Glasgow café is charged with a breach of the peace.

Opinion Palestine-Israel

Israel is an apartheid state – and South Africans agree

Using Black oppression to exonerate Israel isn’t just immoral, it’s ahistorical.

Antisemitism & Antiracism Interview

If I am only for myself, who am I? Professor David Feldman on the Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism

A new document attempts to put right what the IHRA got wrong. Rivkah Brown interviews one of its authors.