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PHOTOS: An eruption of British Jewish solidarity with Palestinians

Documenting an unprecedented mobilisation.

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On Jews, un-Jews, and anti-Jews

In this exclusive excerpt from his new book The Necessity of Exile, rabbi and scholar Shaul Magid examines the hegemony of Zionism in today’s Jewish world and questions whether this is healthy for Jews or Judaism.

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On slaughter and solidarity

As conflation and confusion abound after 7 October, we need clear thinking about antisemitism.

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‘For Israel to perpetrate ethnic cleansing, it needs a regional conflagration. That is happening now’

Moshé Machover assesses Israel’s Gaza war in its historical context – and offers a stern warning.

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Not in our name

To those who defend Israel’s pummelling of Gaza and the status quo that preceded it, I say: do so in your name, not mine.

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Hamas and Israel: A reader

We had hoped the return of the Pickle would be a moment to celebrate the announcement of Vashti’s new, 13-strong editorial collective, but that will be for another day. Instead, this afternoon we join Palestinians, Israelis, and readers around the globe in immense grief over the mass loss of life in Palestine-Israel. This grief extends […]

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When the rabbis are anti-Zionists

In the US, a new generation of rabbinical students is shattering the communal consensus, writes Sam Stein.

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What’s behind the campaign to cancel Roger Waters?

Clive Gabay interrogates the calls to ban the rock star’s concerts.

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The Nakba never ended

And Britain remains complicit.

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A life against apartheid

Eli Machover meets Professor Rosenhead to trace the thread of anti-racism through his life, and reflect on what the struggle against South African apartheid can teach us today.