First thing’s first: we’re not a shul newsletter. We’re not just interested in the Jewish world. We’re also interested in what it means to be a Jew in the world. Talk to us about Corbyn or climate change, Netanyahu or Narendra Modi.

We primarily publish 800-1,200-word opinion pieces and 2,000-3,000-word essays. That said, we’re open-minded. If you’ve got a cartoon, quiz or some other off-the-wall idea you think might work for VASHTI—try us.

We want to hear from you, whoever you are, but particularly if you’re:

✡️ a woman
✡️ gender non-conforming
✡️ working-class
✡️ Mizrachi & Sephardi
✡️ Charedi

You don’t need to be Jewish to contribute to VASHTI, nor do you need any journalism experience.

Once you’ve got your idea, with the subject line ‘PITCH: [PITCH TITLE]’. In your email, include max 250 words about your idea and a few more about yourself.

If we’re interested, we’ll give you a word count and deadline, and help develop your article.

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