Jewish Culture LGBTQ+ The Pickle

My live Jewish body

Emma Jude Harris interviews Rachel Mars

Jewish Culture LGBTQ+ The Pickle

Trans Halakha is here

Halakhic literature by and for trans Jews, Lexie Botzum reports.

Middle East Palestine-Israel The Pickle

The Nakba never ended

And Britain remains complicit.

Europe The Far Right The Pickle

Italy’s new Jew-ish bogeyman

Elly Schlein is taking on Meloni’s “post-fascists”.

Palestine-Israel The Jewish Left UK

Zoomers are breaking up with Zionism

As Israel approaches its 75th anniversary, Robert Cohen looks at why young British Jews are less supportive of Israel than their parents and grandparents.

Antisemitism & Antiracism The Pickle UK

Braverman v the Board

What happens when Jews won’t be good?

The Jewish Left The Pickle

Justice for a Jewish anti-apartheid activist

Eli Machover meets Professor Rosenhead to trace the thread of anti-racism through his life, and reflect on what the struggle against South African apartheid can teach us today.

Antisemitism & Antiracism The Jewish Left The Pickle

Beyond Black and Jewish nationhood

Paul Gilroy’s radical Jewish influences.

Antisemitism & Antiracism The Far Right The Pickle UK

Never again, or never compare?

Gary Lineker has a better grasp of the lessons we should be taking from the Holocaust than many of our communal leaders.

Middle East The Jewish Left The Pickle

After Huwara

What happens when the pogroms are by Jews?