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A long way from Cable Street

Last weekend’s March Against Antisemitism was in fact a march against solidarity with Palestinians, writes Michael Richmond.

Antisemitism & Antiracism Opinion Palestine-Israel The Pickle

On slaughter and solidarity

As conflation and confusion abound after 7 October, we need clear thinking about antisemitism.

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Not in our name

To those who defend Israel’s pummelling of Gaza and the status quo that preceded it, I say: do so in your name, not mine.

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A study in Palestinian dehumanisation

From Gaza to the UK, Palestinians’ lives have been rendered insignificant, writes Hamza Ali Shah.

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Four antisemites won’t stop me supporting Palestine

If Jewish solidarity withers in the face of the few bigots who drove down Finchley Road on Sunday, it is no solidarity at all.

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Israel is an apartheid state – and South Africans agree

Using Black oppression to exonerate Israel isn’t just immoral, it’s ahistorical.

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Why is the Jewish Chronicle whitewashing Britain’s antisemitic history?

Vernon Bogdanor’s recent op-ed is consistent with the paper’s long history of placating the British establishment, even in its anti-Jewish prejudice.

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Access to puberty blockers is a Jewish issue

The UK’s ban is transphobic, unscientific, and in opposition to core Jewish values.

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Antisemitism isn’t a set of tropes – and thinking about it that way helps nobody

The outrage over Michael Che’s SNL joke is everything that’s wrong with our fight against antisemitism.

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Why are anticolonial academics being accused of antisemitism?

Because we’ve uncoupled antisemitism from the coloniality of race – something Israel’s advocates are only too pleased about.