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Jewish politics beyond Zionism: Lessons from Somaliland

Vashti editor Matt Gordon explores the potential of non-statist forms of Jewish life, influenced by his decade of living and researching in Somaliland.

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On Jews, un-Jews, and anti-Jews

In this exclusive excerpt from his new book The Necessity of Exile, rabbi and scholar Shaul Magid examines the hegemony of Zionism in today’s Jewish world and questions whether this is healthy for Jews or Judaism.

Antisemitism & Antiracism Essay The Far Right The Jewish Left The Pickle UK

For these neo-Nazis, even Christianity is too Jewish

With its claims to white indigeneity and affinity to paganism, Patriotic Alternative sits within a particularly radical transnational neo-Nazi network.

Antisemitism & Antiracism Essay Palestine-Israel The Pickle

Destroying Oppenheimer’s death-world

Unmaking necropower, from Los Alamos to Palestine.


Strangers in a strange Land: Jewish sci-fi, Afrofuturism and visions from Palestine

Jewish, Black and Palestinian writers imagine persecution and liberation across the universe.

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The queer surrealist lovers who took on the Nazis

The Queer, Anti-Nazi Art of Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore.

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The forgotten women’s rituals of Yom Kippur

Cemetery- and grave-measuring were part of the female clerical role in Ashkenazi Jewish life, and powerful tools of ancestral connection.

Essay Jewish Culture The Jewish Left

Happy Yom Kippur!

Revisiting the Yom Kippur Ball.

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How not to tackle antisemitism on the left

Zero tolerance plus zero discretion equals zero results.

Essay Jewish Culture The Jewish Left UK

This Passover is different from all others

Three Jewish women reflect on Pesach under lockdown.