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The great Yom Kippur chicken revolt

For everything there is a season, and every season comes to an end.

Antisemitism & Antiracism Essay The Far Right The Jewish Left The Pickle UK

For these neo-Nazis, even Christianity is too Jewish

With its claims to white indigeneity and affinity to paganism, Patriotic Alternative sits within a particularly radical transnational neo-Nazi network.

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Beware the radical ghosts of underground Budapest

Dalia Neis’ new novel takes us inside a mystical world of anarchist diasporism and intersectional comradeship.

Palestine-Israel The Pickle

Rapid response

Reflections on sustained solidarity and Jewish-Palestinian coresistance in the South Hebron Hills, by Kate Greenberg.

Antisemitism & Antiracism Essay Palestine-Israel The Pickle

Destroying Oppenheimer’s death-world

Unmaking necropower, from Los Alamos to Palestine.

Antisemitism & Antiracism Interview Jewish Culture LGBTQ+ Middle East The Pickle UK

Mizrahi stories take centre stage

Victor Esses tells Samantha Ellis how his new show is pushing back against Ashkenormativity in the industry.

Interview Jewish Culture Palestine-Israel The Jewish Left The Pickle USA

Out of the wreck

Katie Ebner-Landy meets the artist searching for alternatives to Jewish nationalism. First stop: a Yiddish rave.

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A definitive guide to TV’s best Jews

They’re all having an identity crisis, and they all need therapy.

Antisemitism & Antiracism Review The Pickle

Eternal victims

Dara Horn’s People Love Dead Jews offers a worldview of unchangeable victimhood – and she’s wrong, writes Alexander Jabbari.

Antisemitism & Antiracism Jewish Culture The Pickle UK

The battle of Nelson Street

A Muslim mayor fights to save the Jewish East End.